Rambling Down the Suir

Rambling Down The Suir

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Author:Michael Fewer
ISBN SB:978-1-901658-74-3
Price SB:€25.00
Unlike the rivers of England, Irelandís great watercourses have been almost ignored in literature, and Michael Fewer has set out to address this lack in regard to the majestic river Suir. At 114 miles from its source in the Devilís Bit Mountains...
Secrets of the Stones

Secrets Of The Stones

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Author:Rob Vance
ISBN SB:978-1-901658-73-6
Price SB:€19.99
Secrets of the Stones is a new book from Rob Vance and accompanies a 2 x 1 hour RTE television series. The book and series goes from Dolmens to the Abbey of Mellifont and reveals new information about how Irish society changed and adapted to...
The Wicklow Military Road

The Wicklow Military Road

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Author:Michael Fewer
ISBN SB:9978 1 901658 66 8
Price SB:€20.00
Although not widely understood or regarded as such, roads are an important part of our built heritage. This publication deals at once with a landscape, the intervention in that landscape by man, and the stories that...
Classic Irish Houses of the Middle Size

Classic Irish Houses Of The Middle Size

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Author:Maurice Craig
ISBN HB:1 901658 56 2
Price HB:€25.00
This book is a much-needed record of a class of architecture that is still threatened and much of which has, alas, already fallen victim to decay and neglect. It deals with those 17th, 18th and early 19th- century houses of the middle size -...

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