About Us

ASHFIELD PRESS is a small, Dublin-based publishing house that prides itself on producing high quality, mainly Irish non-fiction. Recent books have ranged from biographies and Irish history, to travel and cookery.

All are available in good bookshops nationwide and through our website.

We have many titles for you to choose from

Latest Publication

Lone Crusader -
Edward Thornley’s book is much more than a study of his brother’s career; it is an attempt to rescue him from unjust... More
Made Up -
Dublin-born film make-up artist Toni Delany entered the then almost non- existent Irish film industry in the early... More
The Goodbodys -
Relatively little has been written about the Quakers’ role in the industrialisation of Ireland. They were among the... More
Ireland -
Michael Fewer has been exploring Ireland and writing about his travels for nearly a quarter of a century. In this... More
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